What is urology?

What is Urology?

What is urology?
Urology covers the kidneys, bladder, incontinence, ED, testicular cancer, and the prostate which is pictured above with different views of a 3D ultrasound composite. [more]


The kidney(s) main medical solutions are kidney stones treatment with a Holmium laser and for renal cell carcinoma a partial nephrectomy with da Vinci surgery. [more]


bladder surgery
The bladder surgery most often performed are the prolapse surgery to lift up a dropped bladder and bladder tumor removal. [more]


Prostate cancer surgery
The best prostate surgery for prostate cancer is a nerve sparing da Vinci prostatectomy also called a robotic radical prostatectomy. [more]

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Erectile Dysfunction Causes
When erectile dysfunction causes have been diagnosed as vasculogenic impotence the best solution is penis surgery for an inflatable penile prosthesis. [more]

What is Urology?

What is urology? Urology is the study and practice of diagnosing and treating the functions and organs of the urinary tract and genitourinary system. Urology (Your – ah – la – gee) doctors are called urologists or urology specialists that have completed medical school and 5 years of residency specializing in the different specialties of urology. The organs that are involved in that practice of urology are: the kidney(s), adrenal gland(s), ureter(s), the bladder, the prostate, the urethra, the penis, and testes. The functions that are addressed in the practice of urology are:

  1. Production, transport, and removal of urine.
  2. Production, transport, and insemination of sperm and semen.
  3. Hormone production and distribution of the adrenal glands.

What is urology? Urology is a branch of medicine that is very competitive and save lives, reduces suffering, increases pleasure, and improves the day to day life for people with kidney, bladder, prostate, reproductive and sexual problems.

What are the prominent urology complaints and disorders practiced by urology specialists? The urologist or urology group practice most often revolves around the treatments and procedures that are the most common in their location. These include but are not limited to:
Kidney stones
Renal cell carcinoma
Cancer of the bladder
Stress incontinence
Urinary retention
Prostate cancer
Benign prostatic hyperplasia
Erectile dysfunction causes
Testicular cancer
Male birth control

Many of the above urologic complaints and disorders use different modalities that a urologist needs to be trained in which include:

Urology specialists have also been trained in other areas of medicine because they affect the functions and organs of the urinary tract and genitourinary system. These biological, anatomical, and medical studies may include the cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, and endocrine systems and disorders.

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What is Urology? (continued)

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What is urology?
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